Vacation Paradise – Visit French Polynesia

If you’re looking for an ideal destination for your next dream getaway, don’t forget French Polynesia. Located in the South Pacific, Oceania, this island nation made up of numerous archipelagos has multiple attractions for travelers. In this article, we will explore some reasons why this unique destination should be high on your future plans.

Amazing cultural and natural treasures

One of the most impressive distinctive features of French Polynesia is undoubtedly its natural diversity. Nearly 80% of the ecosystems found in the archipelago are not found elsewhere in the world. Some white or black sand beaches, for example, are lined with majestic coconut trees and protected by colorful coral reefs. There are also nearly one hundred species of tropical fish to be seen in the crystal clear waters.

Exploring this beautiful and attractive sight will probably require the use of the use of watercraft such as kayaks or even just taking a dip in the sea. Possible activities include snorkeling, diving or parachuting. However, if you like it more, you can also spend a relaxing day on the beach enjoying the sun and the warm wind. Everything seems to be planned to make your stay memorable.

Varied Hotel Options For All Budgets

Find a variety of accommodations for every budget: When it comes to accommodations, French Polynesia has many options to suit every occasion, from the most luxurious to the most economical. You can find a wide selection of upscale hotels and resorts, as well as private vacation rentals and cozy family accommodations. For this reason, call Leisure & Travel to help you book your dream home.

Services and amenities can include swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, bars and more. There are different combinations of options to suit everyone’s needs, whether you are a family, couple or friends.

A tasty local gastronomy

Take the opportunity to relive some unforgettable moments in the quiet bay and taste tropical culinary specialties with strong flavors and aromas. Those who loved their French products will certainly appreciate discovering some local classics such as raw fish, seafood, Fougasses, Rice, Coconut and other typical sweets of our land! Have a good vacation!

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